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Admission Process Services

The rising administration costs and the increasing adaptation of online education platforms has brought the education sector at crossroads. The growth potential is unclear and revenues are declining, of which the administration costs occupy a huge chunk.

It is mandatory necessary to explore new growth avenues and partnering with an Admission Process Services provider is your saving grace.

Our combined 10+ years of experience in the domain to assist educational institutions with technology and big data analytics to simplify the administration process has benefited many institutions. Our solutions are backed by analytical capabilities over Administration, Finance and Accounting and Human Resources.

Integrated Solutions

Our APS initiative is a perfect alignment between technology, state-of-the-art processes and invested people. As a partner,  we’ll closely work with the institution to identify areas of issues and build targeted solutions.

The integrated campus admission management solution encompasses admission services to alumni support, marketing strategy and generate  possible leads. The institution saves manpower and the costs attached with it.

The admission process is crucial for any institution and outsourcing the process is a crucial decision. In our years as an APS partner, we have learned that an institution in the US spends $40 on an average to process a single application, overhead costs are extra. Outsourcing this process will help to cut costs by 30%.

Assuming an institution receives applications between 8000-10000 every admission semester, the treasury can benefit by saving thousands of dollars.

Our key offerings

  1. Form filling
  2. Course registration
  3. Enrollment assistance
  4. Form correction
  5. Chat support
  6. Email support
  7. Handling course inquiries
  8. College event management
  9. Conference registrations

Let us partner with your university / institution and handle your admission administration.