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Central to Beyond Source Inc’s entire approach is the belief that the Client comes first. Everything revolves around this core principle, including our work culture and our processes. We analyze client needs, develop customized solutions,put together the right team, and execute these solutions professionally and cost-effectively. Our focus is on improving productivity, managing risk, and constantly striving for improvement. Everything we do is supported by a combination of cutting-edge technology, years of experience, and expertise across industries and through a variety of verticals and horizontals.

We are often able to help clients save up to 40 percent of their costs with no compromise on quality, and with improvements.



We spend time on requirement gathering, talking to you about your needs and pain areas, understanding your business and your market.  We independently research your organization to obtain further insights. We identify functions that can be outsourced offshore, as well as the benefits and risks of doing so. This is where we lay the foundation for a long-term relationship.


We offer you the right resources for every client, for every area of focus and every offering. You talk to and select the members of your Beyond Source Inc. team. Your internal team and your offshore team now enter into deeper discussions and understand each other’s work processes and styles. We create a pilot proposition, a transition plan, and a long-term plan with an underlying, customized strategy to address your needs and pain points.


Your Beyond Source Inc. team starts executing the blueprints that were drawn up during the planning stage. We begin with the pilot and then scale up, with a constant eye on cost-efficiency, productivity, and quality, as well as on security and risk management. You are kept continually abreast of all project developments and have access to 24X7 support.

Management and Feedback:

Your feedback is sought and implemented on a continuous basis. In addition, we ourselves constantly seek ways to improve processes, thereby decreasing costs and improving productivity and quality. Research and analysis are not limited to the initial stages but are a constant element. Our focus is on your needs, both right now, and as they change in the short and long term.

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