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Models/Engagement Methods

Meeting every client’s specific needs is paramount for us. We understand that every client is unique, and therefore needs a customized solution. This extends to our engagement models – we offer three basic models, each of which can be developed into a customized package. Every model has clearly defined standards and expectations, and is solidly grounded in research and analysis. We closely consider your needs and help you decide on a model and package that best suit you.

Our three basic models are:

  • Hourly model: Your desired outcomes and parameters are defined in advance, and billing is done on a per hour basis. The benefits of this model include:
    • Minimal set-up cost
    • Focus on outcomes
    • Offering-based pricing
  • FTE/ Monthly Model: We assign a specific number of people to work dedicatedly on your needs. Needless to say, outcomes remain important here, and baselines are defined in advance. However, the fees here are a fixed monthly retainer that is based upon the number of resources we assign to your team. The benefits of this model include:
    • Dedicated, fixed number of resources
    • Fixed monthly pricing
  • Hybrid model: As the name suggests, this is a mixture of the outcome-based model and the retainership model. Our fees here consist of a retainer and an incentive element for delivering more than the minimum defined outcomes. The benefits include:
    • Flexibility
    • Lower retainership fee